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We are proud to share with you the achievements of our Year 12 SACE students for 2022.

19 December 2022

Today our SACE results for 2022 were released, and I know that the entire community will join with me in congratulating all students for such impressive results.

The results are testament to the character, commitment, and care for one another that I was privileged to witness across the most recent semester. The Class of 2022 is an extraordinary group of accomplished young people, who graduated ready to take their place in the world, and lead in their own right.

Final SACE results are calculated from a diverse range of subject choices and programs including VET and International Baccalaureate subjects. 19 of our SACE students studied an IB subject this year, meaning that our SACE results are incomplete at this stage – indeed, for 10% of our SACE students their results will improve further in January when IB Diploma and subject results are released. We will provide a comprehensive analysis of our Year 12 results in our Excellence and Leadership publication in the new year.

For now, these are the highlights from SACE results received thus far:

  • All Pembroke Year 12 students studying the SACE achieved their South Australian Certificate of Education. At this time, 172 students have generated an ATAR and the remaining students seeking tertiary entrance will receive an ATAR after IB results release.
  • The Pembroke School SACE Duxes (or Duces) for 2022 are Alexandra Le, Cindy Shi and Sophia Switajewski . Alexandra, Cindy and Sophia each received an ATAR of 99.90 - remarkable!
  • Alexandra is to be congratulated for her High Distinctions in both semesters of the University of Adelaide’s Headstart program (Research Methods in Psychology, Human Anatomy and Physiology) and the earning of two SACE subject merits.
  • Cindy is to be congratulated for her High Distinctions in both semesters of the University of Adelaide’s Headstart program (Human Anatomy and Physiology).
  • Sophia is to be congratulated for her achievement of earning three SACE subject merits.
  • Nicholas Smith is our 2022 SACE Proxime Accessit, having achieved an ATAR of 99.80. Congratulations, Nicholas!
  • Sophia Switajewski and Jacinda Tsakalos have each been awarded a Governor of South Australia Commendation and we celebrate with them this fitting recognition of their achievements and personal and social capabilities. Jacinda was recently announced the recipient of the Ross Family Leadership Medal for her grace and service during challenging times, and her unwavering commitment to the School, her peers, her studies, and to the causes she has championed.
  • From ATAR results received already: 12 students (7%) received an ATAR ranking in the top 1% nationally. 50 students (29%) received an ATAR ranking in the top 5% nationally and 78 students (45%) received an ATAR ranking in the top 10% nationally – an outstanding result for our Year 12 SACE students.
  • 110 A+ grades were awarded to our students resulting in 44 subject merits achieved across 17 subjects. Matthew Lim (Year 11) is to be congratulated on receiving three SACE subject merits.

Final percentage comparison with national results and university course destinations will be provided once our Year 12 results are complete.

These are very strong results that reflect the commitment and dedication of our students and their teachers, as well as by the families who have supported our Year 12 students through their schooling. The 2022 SACE results build on an outstanding history of past students’ academic achievements at Pembroke. As a newcomer to the SACE, I have marvelled at its ability to personalise the learning journey of young people, honouring their talents and passions, and at the same time providing the stretch of academic challenge.

We congratulate and celebrate the SACE students of 2022 and I will look forward to communicating the IB results to you in early January. We are extraordinarily proud of all of our students, both IB and SACE, and look forward to celebrating their results and more importantly championing each and every one of them as part of our thriving Old Scholar Community.

Mark Staker

Pembroke School's complete Year 12 results from previous years can be viewed on our website at History of Success.