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Congratulations to Our SACE students.

18 December 2023

Congratulations to our Class of 2023 on their exceptional SACE results which build upon Pembroke School’s long history of academic success.

Since joining the Pembroke family, I have been privileged to get to know this impressive group of young individuals whom I describe as cohesive, kind and caring. Following the release of SACE results today, it is my great honour to share some initial highlights with our community. First and foremost, I am incredibly proud to report that all Pembroke Year 12 students expected to complete the SACE in 2023 achieved their South Australian Certificate of Education.

Other SACE highlights include:

  • 576 A grades & 103 A+ results
  • 49 Merits
  • Top ATAR – 99.95
  • 42 students top 5% nationally (ATAR 95+)

Our SACE Dux for 2023 is Matthew Lim who achieved a perfect ATAR of 99.95 and 5 Merits (Physics, Chemistry, Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Research Project). Matthew has also received the prestigious Governor of South Australia Commendation Excellence Award, and this is in addition to being named Dux of the University of Adelaide’s Headstart program for 2023. We commend Matthew on these truly remarkable accomplishments. We also congratulate Lucas Jin who achieved an ATAR of 99.65 and Samuel Lu with an ATAR of 99.55 and 3 Merits. A special mention to Year 11 students James Le (4 Merits) and Vikram Selva (3 Merits).

12 students achieved an ATAR ranking in the top 1% nationally (ATAR 99+), 42 students in the top 5% (ATAR 95+) and 77 students in the top 10% (ATAR 90+). 576 A grades were awarded including 103 A+ grades, resulting in 49 Merits across 20 subjects.

An incredible 39 Pembroke students completed one or more semesters of university studies, our largest number ever, with 9 studying through the University of Adelaide’s Headstart program, 24 in the Flinders University Extension Studies program and 6 through the UniSA Accelerate program. Of these, 15 students achieved a High Distinction in two semesters, giving them a perfect scaled score of 20.0 towards their ATAR, while 13 others achieved a Distinction or more in two semesters, giving them a scaled score of 19.8 or 19.9 towards their ATAR. 2023 has also been another fantastic year for students studying VET courses, with 70 having completed a VET course as part of their SACE.

What is equally impressive as these results are the hidden stories of individual success, where some students have overcome adversity, meeting their goals and achieving personal excellence. We celebrate and champion these achievements with the same strong and proud voice that is used to acknowledge all results.

It is also important to acknowledge that so many of our Year 12 Graduates engaged wholeheartedly in school life, participating in sport, The Arts, co-curricular activities, leadership and service opportunities, as well as completing Duke of Edinburgh Awards. This approach to being well-rounded young people, who don’t sacrifice other areas of school, community and personal life for academic achievement, augurs well for life beyond school. We are all acutely aware that living a full life is one that includes social, physical, personal and emotional wellness and engagement.

Final Year 12 results are calculated from a diverse range of subject choices and programs including VET and International Baccalaureate subjects. Indeed, 11 of our Year 12 SACE students studied an IB subject this year and we had 33 full IB Diploma students. As such, we will be able to share a more complete snapshot of achievements once IB results are released in the first week of January, followed by a comprehensive analysis of results and tertiary details later in the new year.

The remarkable results released today reflect the commitment and dedication of our amazing students, devoted teachers and supportive families who have worked in partnership to reach this significant milestone in the lifelong learning journey. We look forward to celebrating more good news in a few weeks’ time, and I cannot wait to see what our youngest old scholars go on to achieve as they find their place in the wider world.

Mark Staker

Pembroke School's complete Year 12 results from previous years can be viewed on our website at History of Success.