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Taking risks by stepping outside of their comfort zone and into the unknown is at the core of developing resilience, independence and character through such a holistic camp experience.

21 December 2021

Year 5 Camp at the end of Term 3 was an ideal opportunity for our students to explore the unique outdoor settings and environmental offerings of Willow Creek Farm and Middleton Beach, located on South Australia’s stunning Fleurieu Peninsula. Students were able to develop new skills, foster an appreciation of the outdoors and forge friendships in an alternative context.

Students rose to the challenge of all that was on offer. They persisted and showed courage and commitment when things got really tough, whether that was assembling a tent, riding a mountain bike downhill on a muddy track for the first time or coping with the unpredictability of the surf. They would, no doubt, come home telling stories about a range of memorable moments and learning experiences.

Throughout the Camp the Year 5s were asked to continually reflect and ask questions of themselves about what it means to be a leader. By considering their year-long unit of inquiry ‘Humans can influence and/or be influenced’, the students reflected on both their own actions as well as the behaviours of others that demonstrated leadership, which in turn inspired others in the group. Students and teachers all agreed that one such shining example of this was those students who organised clean-ups after meals and gave up their own free time to help the chefs in the kitchen, on multiple occasions!!

Day 1
at Willow Creek Farm was a little chilly but this did not deter from the fun and engagement with ‘Survivor’-themed team challenges, setting up tents and having some time to explore all that the campgrounds had to offer.

Day 2
was adventure filled. The campers were up early and prepared for mountain biking, orienteering and bushwalking. The recommended 10,000 steps a day was exceeded, with most students doubling this. It was impressive to witness the level of risk-taking, perseverance and peer support throughout each activity. The day ended with a campfire, roasting marshmallows and singalongs.

Day 3
saw the sun finally make an appearance as we ventured to the beach at Middleton. The students participated in beach ‘olympics’ and enjoyed building sandcastles. They braved the big waves in what were perfect surf conditions. While a few made it to standing on the board, a number wiped out. However, with others’ help and a level of optimism and determination some of the students kept persisting for that magical moment on the crest of a wave!

Susie Sadler
Assistant Head of JS (Student Well-being)