Pembroke School is an incorporated association. As set out in the School Constitution, the Association membership comprises Life Members and individuals who are currently or have recently been actively involved in the School’s governance. Each year in May the Annual General Meeting is held and all members of the School community are invited to attend.

The governance and control of the School is vested in the School Board who delegate the management and day-to-day running of the School to the Principal and staff. The Board, in conjunction with the Principal, sets the future direction for the School, initiates and reviews policies, monitors the School's performance in line with the School Aims and ensures compliance with the School Constitution and all legislative requirements.

The Board comprises twelve members with three elected by the Association membership, four appointed by the Board, two appointed by the Parents' and Friends' Association, two appointed by the Pembroke Old Scholars' Association and the Principal who is a non-voting member. A skills matrix has been developed to assist with the selection of new Board members. 

There are three Board committees which assist the work of the Board. These are Finance, Planning & Properties and Governance. The School Board has delegated its fundraising and funds management powers to the Foundation Board which reports directly to the School Board. 

Members of the School community who would like to be considered for membership of the School Board's advisory committees or the Foundation Board are encouraged to contact Wendy Wills, the Business Director and Board Secretary, via email:

School Board Members

Ms Sue Grandison, Mr Ian Budenberg, Mr Luke Thomson (Principal), Mr Bob Schinckel,
(left to right) Ms Wendy Wills (Secretary), Mr Andrew Forman, Mr Mark Porter
Sitting: Mrs Catherine Barnett, Mrs Jo Macklin, Assoc Prof Pat Buckley,
(left to right) Mrs Elizabeth Game (Deputy Chair), Mr Christopher Meulengraaf
Inset: Mr Michael Evans (Chair)

Mrs Jane Miller (Chair)
Ms Cathy Oster (Deputy Chair)
Mr Andreas Clark
Ms Melissa Mellen
Ms Alison Michell
Mr Peter Read
Ms Jo Rebuli
Ms Julia Steele Scott
Dr Darren Townsend
Mr Luke Thomson (Principal)

Mrs Wendy Wills (Board Secretary)