Indigenous Education

Pembroke School recognises the rich cultural heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and respects their ongoing connection with the land. We acknowledge in particular the Kaurna people as the traditional custodians of the land upon which our School is situated. We strive to build our knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and work together to achieve a future for Australia characterised by unity and respect, with justice and equality for all Australians.

The Indigenous Education at Pembroke (IE@P) programme, established in 2009, supports our Indigenous students and celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Old Scholar and Pembroke Foundation Patron, Mrs M H Bennett, provided the financial support required to underpin the programme, having supported Pembroke’s exchange with the Marree community over many years. In partnership with The Smith Family’s Indigenous Youth Leadership Project (IYLP) and the School community, Pembroke gives our Indigenous students a strong foundation, allowing them to follow their chosen pathways with confidence and to flourish as adults and leaders.

Pembroke’s Indigenous students come from a diverse array of cultural groups and regions, including the Torres Strait Islands, Kakadu, Arnhem Land, Darwin, Alice Springs, Halls Creek, Oodnadatta, Marree, Ardrossan and Ceduna. They have strong connections with their communities, including that at Pembroke and within the IE@P group. A number of Old Scholars maintain their connection with Pembroke School, by acting as mentors for current students and contributing to our Reconciliation Action Plan.

Pembroke’s commitment to reconciliation is strong and is supported by our Reconciliation Action Plan. The Plan can be downloaded as a full or condensed version.

Pembroke’s commitment to the education of young Indigenous students is supported by our partnership with The Smith Family. We are proud to be a registered provider of the IYLP. The IYLP enables Indigenous students to attend high performing secondary schools and universities and offers leadership opportunities. Further information about the IYLP and scholarships can be found on The Smith Family website.