Parents at Pembroke

The Pembroke School community is strengthened by the valuable contributions and support of our parent community. As a school we believe that parents are our partners in the learning journey of our students, their children.

The School strives to maintain regular and constructive communication between the School and home. Parents are encouraged to maintain close contact with the staff member caring for their child. In particular, we invite parents to contact their child's teacher, Tutor, Senior Tutor or Head of House on any matter that is cause for celebration or concern. We aim to foster an atmosphere of openness and accessibility in the best interests of our students.

The dynamic and supportive educational experience offered by Pembroke School is very reliant on the service of parents who are members of School Council, Council Advisory Committees, various Parent Associations and Committees and those who contribute as individuals. Their time, personal and professional expertise, and generosity, support the School's endeavour to cater for a wide range of educational needs and offerings, and to develop and maintain state-of-the-art facilities and resources. 

Parents combine with students, staff and Old Scholars to contribute to a genuine sense of community within the School.