Pembroke School is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Pembroke seeks to employ and retain a divergent and well-qualified cadre of teaching and non-teaching staff. We are very fortunate in that we attract large numbers of people wanting to work here and we seek people appropriately qualified, with a commitment to ongoing professional development. The School actively encourages staff to do this through a variety of means, such as courses, attendance at conferences and workshops.

Pembroke staff are encouraged to have an international outlook and are encouraged to maintain an active involvement in community activities. Our staff are also encouraged to apply their skills and experience to a wide range of activities the School offers thus promoting enhanced teacher-student relationships which go beyond the classroom to the sports-field, outdoor projects, community care, excursions and cultural pursuits. Staff thus actively promote the education of the whole person. 

The School employs approximately 170 teaching staff and 100 administrative, teacher support, grounds and maintenance staff. Our staff is a well-qualified and dedicated team who work hard to provide the best possible contribution to the whole School and therefore the students' academic progress and personal welfare.

The Principal and Business Director are responsible for the appointment of staff and they draw upon the expertise of existing employees, including senior staff and the Human Resources Department, to assist in the recruitment and appointment of new staff.

The School has an Enterprise Agreement and a comprehensive and attractive Conditions of Service Document which are renewed every two years following consultation and negotiation with staff.