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The key aspiration of the Pembroke School Academy is to purposefully develop the professional capacity of all staff.

The Academy strives to achieve this aspiration by knowing the potential of staff; creating environments that maximise this potential; and analysing, informing, identifying and refining approaches to continuous organisational development.

Specifically the Pembroke School Academy has the following aims:

  • To create or source programmes that develop staff capacity
  • To encourage research at and beyond Pembroke for Pembroke by Pembroke staff to inform improvements in classroom practice, pastoral care and operational matters
  • To link research to our current programs to inform innovation and renewal
  • To offer Pembroke expertise to other educational settings
  • To provide a collegial forum for staff currently undertaking tertiary studies and for those who may wish to in the future, teaching and non-teaching
  • To link all sabbaticals into the work of the Pembroke School Academy so that the School harnesses collective as well as individual benefits from the sabbatical program
  • To help direct staff into sabbatical options that support the School’s directions
  • To create a membership of the Pembroke School Academy that has direct links into tertiary institutions and relevant educational organisations
  • To include in the Pembroke School Academy’s remit an exploration of a Thinker in Residence Program, to develop, challenge and encourage staff expertise ‘in situ’ addressing the School’s needs and priorities considering all areas of school development

The Pembroke Academy is proudly supported by the Pembroke School Foundation.