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In 2024, Pembroke will be elevating our career services and education through our new Future Pathways Program, leading exciting initiatives such as career matching harnessing the acclaimed Morrisby Profile.

30 November 2023

Pembroke will be the first school in South Australia to offer the Morrisby Profile package, with testing and an unpacking interview for all of our Year 10 students. Another of our aims is to map Career Development Education and to further embed pathways initiatives right across the School.

This year, Pembroke hosted more than 50 pathway events to further support our students’ decision-making. We welcomed the regular suite of visits from local tertiary institutions as well as many interstate universities and residential colleges. We became the only site in South Australia to offer Oxford and Cambridge testing; the team delivered a presentation on scholarships; we had Puddle Jumpers in to discuss volunteering opportunities; Camp America, American Summers and Projects Abroad visited to talk about Gap Years; the Adelaide Institute of Hospitality shared how candidates can position themselves more effectively for part-time employment; Peer and Maxima explored apprenticeship opportunities; we heard from SA Police and the Australian Defence Force; and we enjoyed visits from various old scholars.

Indeed, Future Pathways also aims to enhance connections with our inspiring old scholars, like Natasha Sukacz (2021) who recently returned to the School to share her journey from Pembroke to policing and beyond.