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Today we announce the appointment of our next Head of Junior School, Ms Jessica London.

31 October 2022

Ms London will be our fourth Head of Junior School at Pembroke School, leading the ELC to Year 6 and supporting the future direction of the School into the future.

Ms London joins Pembroke from Walford Anglican School for Girls where she currently holds the position of Head of Middle School. Ms London has held this position for nearly eight years and during this time has led with distinction, her characteristic good humour and a willingness to work in partnership with students and parents to ensure the greatest outcomes for the students in her care. 

Ms London holds a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of South Australia, a Bachelor of Education (Junior Primary/ Primary) from Flinders University, and a Master’s Degree of Education (Leadership and Management) from Flinders University.

 Her impressive qualifications are complemented by her experience of teaching and leading  in junior schools as a primary classroom teacher, PYP Coordinator for the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and in various leadership roles within the area of curriculum and teaching and learning. She is currently the Chair of the AISSA Responding to Adolescent Learners (REAL) Committee and is passionate about contributing to the broader educational community. 

During her long tenure at Walford Anglican School for Girls, Ms London has been pivotal in transforming the Middle School with innovative teaching, learning and curriculum programmes and an outstanding holistic wellbeing programme that seeks to meet individualised needs of all students.

Ms London is very excited to be joining Pembroke School, a school where she can broaden the reach of her leadership and return to her dear love of primary education and the early years. 

The School partnered with Hutton Consulting to lead an extensive recruitment search and we were overwhelmed with the quality of the applications from candidates both here in South Australia and beyond. 

Ms London immediately impressed the panel with her professionalism, strong leadership presence, empathy and care as well as her willingness to work in partnership with parents, students and teachers to deliver outstanding educational initiatives. I am sure that you will get a sense of these qualities in Ms London’s introductory video.  This is an exciting time for Pembroke as we embark upon the next chapter of development for our Junior School, all the while maintaining our strong commitment to fostering curiosity through our long-established International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme for all students, ELC to Year 6. 

I would like to recognise the outstanding leadership of the Junior School throughout 2022 by Mrs Susie Sadler, Acting Head of Junior School. Mrs Sadler has been a steadfast support for me as I transitioned into the role of Principal at Pembroke School; demonstrating care, commitment and hard work throughout her tenure, and I look forward to working alongside her into the future in her substantive role as Assistant Head of Junior School (Student Wellbeing). 

I look forward to introducing Ms Jessica London to the Pembroke community when she commences in her new role in early 2023.

Mr Mark Staker