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On Monday 15 May we celebrated the opening of the Home of Archives at 51 Park Road and honoured our volunteers during the National Volunteers Week.

26 May 2023

It was an occasion to foster our sense of unity and shared purpose, paying tribute to the tireless efforts of our dedicated volunteers who play an integral role in our community.

We were blessed with a day of sunshine and warmth as the Pembroke Strings Trio entertained our guests while they mingled and walked around the venue. The ambience was further enhanced by the stunning floral arrangements and a delicious high tea with a coffee tricycle serving tea and coffee.

After the official welcome and thanks by Principal Mr Mark Staker, guests were invited to partake in the high tea and explore the historical displays in each room of the beautifully restored villa.

Visitors could immerse themselves in the photographic albums, read the stories on display, try on their old uniforms from King’s, Girton or Pembroke eras or discover connections with our shared heritage.

It was a wonderful occasion in the spirit of community and a reminder of the importance of the work we undertake and the dedication of our volunteers.

Peta Harries
School Archivist