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Pembroke is well renowned for academic success, and in 2019 added a high-performance sporting pathway that enables students to achieve their best, both academically and in the sporting arena.

The Athlete Development Program for selected students in Years 9 and 10 focusses on all aspects of athlete development, providing the student athlete with the best opportunity to either succeed in their chosen sport or create a career pathway in sport.

The Program is tailored to individual student athlete needs, but in general provides:

Athlete Development

  • Each week students work through core strength and conditioning activities under the guidance of our Strength and Conditioning expert. These activities aid in injury prevention and enhanced performance through better musculo-skeletal balance

High Performance Skill sessions

  • Students partake in individual or small group skill sessions with highly accredited coaches
  • For athletes with external training needs this time can be used for academic studies

Long Term Athlete Development

  • Empowers athlete by providing them with knowledge in training principles, nutrition, biomechanics, coaching and other essentials for careers in the sport industry

Tactical Development

  • Develop an understanding of game principles through use of video analysis, GPS systems and personal reviews

Athlete Wellbeing

Student athletes have access to onsite physiotherapy as well as the School’s student wellbeing team. They also monitor their training loads and recovery using GPS data and the latest technology.

Parents are invited to quarterly guest presentations offering support and strategies to parents of high performing student athletes.

Selection to the Athlete Development Program

Selection to the Program is via an application process with the following considered:

  • Involvement in a high-level representative sporting team (e.g. state or national)
  • Demonstration of student’s potential involvement in elite programs outside of the School
  • Student’s performance in the Health and Physical Education subject

Enquiries about the Athlete Development Program should be referred to Mark Reid: