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Pembroke’s new French bilingual semi-immersion program will accelerate the acquisition of French language for Year 7-10 students with background in French language. The program is commencing at Year 7 in 2023.

French Semi-Immersion Program


In an increasingly global world, students will benefit from this unique opportunity for accelerated development of intercultural understanding, cognitive skills and the ability to communicate fluently in French. Students graduating from the program will have the opportunity to study French at advanced levels in Years 11 and 12, including IB Diploma Higher Level French B, IB Diploma French A (Literature) or early-entry French at Adelaide or Flinders Universities. Graduation from the bilingual semi-immersion program will facilitate opportunities to travel, study and work in French-speaking countries across the world. Bilingualism will offer graduates of the program a significant advantage in their journeys beyond school.


The French bilingual semi-immersion program will allow students the opportunity to accelerate in their acquisition of French language through intensive exposure to the language over four years (Years 7-10). Following the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) model (in which students acquire language through the study of other subjects using the target language), students in the program will attend an average of two lessons per day in French for the following subjects:

  • French Language and Literature (Years 7 to 10)
  • History and Geography (Years 7 to 10)
  • Art and Drama (Year 7 only)

These subjects, taught entirely in French, adhere to the Australian National Curriculum as well as drawing on resources from the French National Curriculum. The program will offer support and extension activities to cater for each student’s level of French.

Other Year 7 subjects and the pastoral care program will be delivered in English within the mainstream Middle School curriculum. The program is designed to ensure that students will experience full integration within the Pembroke School community in addition to their participation in the bilingual program.

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in an exchange experience in France.


The program is suitable for students who have some prior background in the French language, whether as first or second language learners. Students who are new or relatively new to the French language may be considered for this program on a case-by-case basis and are invited to contact the School to discuss options. Students in the mainstream program will continue to have the opportunity to study French through a beginner course.

The bilingual French Semi-immersion Program is launching in 2023 at Year 7. We are currently seeking expressions of interest from parents who would like to find out more about the Program. Please complete the expression of interest form below for more information. Alternatively, you are invited to contact our French Coordinator Clémence Semmler directly at to arrange a phone conversation or in-person meeting at the School.

Please note that an expression of interest in the French Semi-Immersion Program does not equate to an application for admission to Pembroke School. If a child is not already on the waitlist for admission to Pembroke School, an Application for Admission must be completed. An expression of interest in the French Semi-Immersion Program also does not guarantee admission to Pembroke School, as offers of enrolment will be made strictly in accordance with the School’s Admissions Policy.

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