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29 November 2023

Reece Bruinsma graduated in 2012 and is living in Vancouver, Canada. He has just started a new position as Marketing Coordinator at Richmond Olympic Oval and runs his own freelance photography business called Attaboi Media.

What future pathway did you consider whilst you were in Year 12?

I really struggled to choose a path in Year 12. I knew what I didn’t want to do and narrowed it down from there. Eventually I decided the goal was to work in advertising, both coming up with creative ideas and having a role in the development of them as well.

What did you study when you went to University?

I completed a year of a Bachelor of Commerce degree before pivoting to a Bachelor of Media majoring in Marketing. Two years after graduating from that, I went to Media Arts Production Skills (MAPS) film school to learn about cameras and the filmmaking process. Whilst my degree was important, the “hard” skills I learnt at film school proved extremely valuable and have opened far more doors for me both professionally and personally.

Why did you decide to study that specific degree?

The Bachelor of Media combined with the marketing component allowed me learn about something I was interested in. Which is crucial when it comes to putting in the long hours! After working in digital marketing for two years I could see my career heading further away from being creative and closer to sitting behind a desk for long hours. This was the motivation to head to film school and add some creative credentials to my resume.


Were there any moments that you changed your mind about what you were studying?

Yes! After completing one year of my commerce degree, I took a gap year and travelled throughout the United States and Canada. I reflected upon of my grades and realised if I was studying something more aligned to my interests, I’ll be more willing to put in the hard yards and thus have a much greater chance of succeeding in Uni and beyond.

Where are you working now and how did you get that role?

I’ve been running my own freelance photography business, Attaboi Media since 2020 and have been living in beautiful Vancouver, Canada since April of 2023. I primarily shoot weddings, sports and small business content. Recently I was lucky enough to shoot the some of the best men’s tennis players in the world at a tournament in Toronto - a definite career highlight so far. Just this week I’ve started a new job as a Marketing Coordinator/Photographer at a sporting facility. The perfect combination of my skill set!

What advice would you have for our 2023 leavers in how to navigate their future pathways?

My three pieces of wisdom are:

1. Do what you’re passionate about. You’re always going to be better at something if you like doing it. Even if that means it’s more competitive or takes a little longer.

2. Back yourself. If opportunities don’t come your way, go and find them. Get out of your comfort zone and figure the rest out as you go.

3. Embrace the uncertainty, it doesn’t go away unfortunately, but you’ll get better at dealing with it.