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Congratulations to Our International Baccalaureate (IB) students.

3 January 2024

Congratulations to our Class of 2023 on their exceptional IB results which build upon Pembroke’s long history of academic success as South Australia’s oldest IB School.

I am delighted to share with our community preliminary results from our International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme graduates. I know you will join me in celebrating these impressive achievements following yet another outstanding year of the IB at Pembroke. We have been offering the IB since 1989, making us South Australia’s oldest IB School, and in Pembroke’s 50th year, it is worth recognising that the vision and commitment of Diana Medlin, one of our founding Principals, to provide a truly international and global education, remains core to our School vision today.

Amongst our Class of 2023, 33 students studied the IB, and today I can confirm that 100% achieved their Diploma. I congratulate each and every one of these learners on their unwavering quest to complete their studies to the very best of their abilities. For that, we cannot be prouder.

Thus far, highlights from our IB Diploma results include:

  • 51 Merits
  • Top score – 44/45
  • 8 students 40+ (Distinction)

Marco Jin achieved 44/45 with 7s in English B HL, Physics HL, Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL, Economics SL and Chemistry SL.

Tony Li achieved 43/45 with 7s in Physics HL, Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL, Chinese B HL and Musics SL. In addition, Tony received an A for Extended Essay in Chinese B and Theory of Knowledge.

Everett Webb also achieved 43/45 with 7s in Economics HL, Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL, Spanish B SL and Physics SL.

Other high achievers include Charles Newbold (42), Elsie Holland (41), Leo Liu (40), Abigail Shao (40) and Chloe Tziavrangos (40).

Further to these incredible results, 5 students achieved a Bilingual IB Diploma which is awarded for linguistic proficiency in two languages.

IB Diploma students have the option to have their subjects re-marked. In the past, approximately 10% of grades have been elevated upon re-mark. It is therefore likely that our already superb results will improve further over coming days.

Final percentage comparison with national IB Diploma results will be provided in due course, and we are extremely confident that our students’ results will compare most favourably both nationally and internationally.

Given the above and the fact that ATAR conversions are yet to be released for IB Diploma students, analysis of ATAR and tertiary entrance pathways will be included in our comprehensive Year 12 results publication later in the new year.

As with many elements of our curriculum and co-curriculum, Pembroke School is proud to offer our students choice – with both the SACE and IB pathways – allowing each learner to find their place. In delivering the IB, we are providing a distinctive international secondary school experience by combining a comprehensive and rigorous academic platform with a focus on holistic development. Indeed, we regard ourselves as an IB destination school and we intend to build upon this legacy of academic success and personal growth.

There are so many aspects of the IB Diploma Programme which truly resonate with Pembroke’s learning and caring culture. Students equip themselves with skills and knowledge, embracing a foreign language, developing critical thinking and undertaking in-depth research to aptly prepare them for future studies and careers. Crucially, the Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) component of the programme acts as a beacon for these students as caring, kind and cohesive global citizens who develop a lifelong commitment to community participation and service to others.

To our graduates, our teachers and our families – well done on all that you have achieved in partnership to reach today’s milestone. We wish our newest old scholars all the very best as they go forth, primed to find their place in the wider world and play their role in shaping a hopeful future.

Mark Staker

The summary of our SACE Results 2023 can be viewed at: Year 12 SACE Results 2023.

Pembroke School's complete Year 12 results from previous years can be viewed on our website at History of Success.