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At the heart of the Pembroke School aims is a commitment to facilitate the social, physical and emotional development of each of our 1690 students.

In all aspects of our many and varied programs we emphasise personal growth, integrity, respect for differences in people, resilience, an appreciation of the environment, a sense of social responsibility and care for others.

Our classes are comparatively small: on average there are 15 students per class in ELC, 22 – 25 from Reception to Year 6, 18 in Middle School classes, 24 in each Middle School tutorial group, 12-15 in Senior School classes and 15-20 in Senior School tutorial groups. This contributes to a close-knit community and a small-school feel.

Age-specific wellbeing and pastoral needs are expertly considered and managed in each of our respective sub-schools: Junior School, Middle School and Senior School.