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The Pembroke Connect Program (PCP) prepares recently arrived international students for study at Pembroke School.

The course advances students’ English language proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking, and develops students’ understanding of Australian culture and education system.

Students requiring additional English preparation must be applying for entry to Year 10 or a lower year level. The Pembroke Connect Program must be successfully completed by the end of Term 2 of Year 10.

Pembroke’s Coordinator of International Students will conduct an interview with a prospective PCP student in person or via video chat online.

The student will need to provide two past school reports and any other relevant documentation. A recommendation will be given as to how long the student will need to study the PCP before beginning mainstream classes.

The PCP staff monitor closely each student’s progress in the program and report regularly on this progress to parents and caregivers at the end of each term. To assess students undertaking the PCP, the ACARA Language and Literacy Levels are used. The Language and Literacy Levels across the Australian Curriculum and describe the development of Standard Australian English required to meet the increasing demands of the Australian Curriculum across the years of schooling.

Topics of study in the PCP include an overview of the Australian education system; cultural comparisons; Australian sense of humour; Australian politics and democracy; Australian multiculturalism; Australian sports culture; and Australian, South Australian and Indigenous history. PCP students also learn how to access pastoral care support at Pembroke and academic resources to support their learning journey.