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The School motto, Ex Unitate Vires - Out of Unity, Strength - reflects our historical origins and our belief in the value of co-education.

The Pembroke School Aims emerge from our rich educational heritage and underpin all of our educational endeavours.

They are at the core of our vision for co-educational learning in the 21st century:

  • To offer our students the means to develop a broad and deep knowledge base thus enabling them to act effectively as well-informed citizens.
  • To create a dynamic learning community which encourages self-management, curiosity, intellectual rigour, enjoyment, innovation and the exploration of each individual's potential.
  • To facilitate the social, physical and emotional development of each student emphasising student safety, personal growth, integrity, respect for differences in people, resilience, an appreciation of the environment, a sense of social responsibility and care for others.
  • To encourage the exploration of students' spiritual values and their power to make ethical decisions.
  • To promote thoughtful, respectful and informed participation in the community locally, nationally and internationally with an emphasis on seeking justice for all.

Pembroke at 50 outlines the School’s strategic direction. This progressive and exciting plan ensures the School and its students continue to flourish and that Pembroke continues to be recognised and sought after by the wider community for who we are and for what we stand. We commend the Plan and our vision for Pembroke at 50.